As our campaign continues, we’ll be updating this page with more about Alex’s plans to get results on the issues that matter most to Pinellas residents.

Breaking the Dysfunctional Gridlock in Washington

The key to getting results on the issues that matter most to Pinellas residents is breaking the gridlock in Congress. Nothing has symbolized the frustrating failure of Washington more than the recent shutdown of our nation’s government. The infighting, the finger pointing and name calling is so out of touch with the values Pinellas families believe in. I’ve proven again and again that Republicans and Democrats can work together to get things done – and in Congress I’ll work across the aisle, focusing on solving problems and finding commonsense solutions to the challenges we’re facing.

Stopping the Unfair Flood Insurance Rate Spike and Fixing Our Flood Insurance System

It is outrageous that Pinellas homeowners and businesses could see flood insurance rates spike by thousands of dollars due to Washington’s inaction and dysfunction. This is also an issue of fairness: Pinellas homeowners have already paid eight times more into the flood insurance program than we’ve claimed.  Congress should immediately stop the rate spike, instruct FEMA to complete the affordability study that was promised, and pass new flood insurance legislation that protects Florida’s business and families.

As a businesswoman who has solved insurance industry challenges before, I know that the key to getting results will be to  bring all the stakeholders together, end the finger-pointing and focus on solving the problem – the opposite of what they’re doing in Washington now.  Click here to read Alex's four principles to start reforming the flood insurance system.  

Serving Pinellas Seniors

Medicare and Social Security are promises that Pinellas seniors have earned, and we deserve to have these vital programs protected – end of discussion. In Congress, I will stand up to protect the Social Security and Medicare benefits that Pinellas County seniors have earned over a lifetime of hard work, working to strengthen and preserve these critical programs for seniors today and for future retirees.

Fighting for Veterans and Service Members

As the wife and daughter of Marines, I know firsthand how critically important it is to support our brave service members and veterans who have sacrificed to ensure our freedom. We need to continue building on Congressman Bill Young’s legacy of service to our American heroes --  ensuring that our country is doing all we can so that veterans receive the benefits they’ve earned, and promoting programs to help get returning veterans back to work after their service.

Helping Businesses Create Jobs

As a businesswoman, I know first-hand that small businesses are the lifeblood of our community – and supporting local Pinellas employers is the key to creating new, good paying jobs. Working to help grow local businesses and empower entrepreneurs is truly my passion – from the CFO’s office to the Florida Next Foundation, I have worked throughout my life to help create an environment of economic opportunity.

Unfortunately, it’s exactly this focus on helping businesses create jobs that is missing from the dysfunctional politics and gridlock of Washington – and the government shutdown, coupled with the looming default debate, are self-inflicted wounds to our economy that companies cannot afford. In Congress my top priority will be to bring Republicans and Democrats together to end this gridlock that is creating economic uncertainty and pain so that we can support the local businesses that are so vital to growing Pinellas’ economy.

Cutting Wasteful Government Spending and Getting America's Fiscal House in Order

As the Chief Financial Officer, we cracked down on wasteful spending and protected tax dollars – taking the best ideas from the private sector to make government do more with less. We introduced commonsense initiatives that saved millions for Floridians by cutting red tape and introducing performance metrics to hold government accountable for waste and abuse.

We need to take this same approach to Washington: start cutting our debt and balancing budgets by cutting wasteful spending and closing tax loopholes so that big corporations and the wealthiest few are paying their fair share. This way we can start getting America’s fiscal house in order without balancing the budget on the backs of middle class families, and creating the strong fiscal environment that helps businesses create jobs.

Improving the Affordable Care Act: Keep the Good, Fix the Bad

The rollout of the website and problems that have arisen with the implementation are unacceptable: The Obama Administration needs to be held accountable to get the website running, and making any necessary changes to fix any problems with the law. If these changes cannot be made in a timely way, then components of the law should be delayed until these issues are addressed.

But we cannot go back to a time when individuals with pre-existing conditions were denied care, seniors were forced to pay more for medicine, or insurance companies could do whatever they wanted – including kicking families off their plans because they got sick.

What is not helpful in Congress’ conversation about America’s healthcare was the government shutdown, or the gridlock in Washington that is holding Republicans and Democrats back from working together to get results and solutions – and it’s exactly this culture of dysfunction that I’m running to change.

Protecting Pinellas' Land, Water and Air

Here in Pinellas, we know better than most the important connection between our environment, our natural resources and our economy. Protecting our beaches, expanding land preservation, and improving water quality are priorities I have spent my career fighting for. And as your Chief Financial Officer, I worked to hold BP accountable after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, fought to ban offshore drilling along Florida’s coast, and helped residents and businesses get on the road to recovery after this disaster. I am proud to have been a board member of the Florida Chapter of the Nature Conservancy and the Florida Wildlife Federation, and I am honored to have earned the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters. In Congress, I will continue my commitment to protecting Pinellas’ environment which is so critical to our community’s economic growth and well being.  

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