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Alex Sink has spent her life bringing people together to get things done for Florida families.  As a business leader and Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Alex worked with both sides of the aisle to cut waste, create jobs, and find common sense solutions to the state’s biggest problems.  The wife and daughter of Marines, Alex will bring Republicans and Democrats together to end the gridlock and dysfunction of Washington, and focus on the challenges that matter most to Pinellas families – like growing our economy, standing up for veterans, and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

The Tampa Bay Times has described Alex as “a thoughtful, pragmatic leader who combines attention to detail with a broader vision for the future,” and possesses a “genuine concern for Floridians,” while The Tampa Tribune has written that she has “earned a reputation for integrity, intelligence and diligence.”

Alex’s commitment to solving problems is driven by her 25 years of real world experience as one of Florida’s business leaders, culminating in her leadership of one of Florida’s largest banks. In this role, she earned a reputation for credibility, integrity and dedication to her local customers – helping Floridians secure the resources they need to grow or start a business, send their children to college and achieve their dreams.

As Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Alex demonstrated her commitment to fiscal responsibility – working with both Republicans and Democrats to crack down on wasteful spending, protect tax dollars and make government do more with less. As Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Alex also served as a consumer watchdog for Floridians: launching innovative programs like the Safeguard Our Seniors Task Force to protect older Floridians from financial fraud and abuse, and the Florida Housing Help program that provided assistance to those facing foreclosures and helped Floridians stay in their homes.

Driven by her results-oriented experience in the private sector, as CFO Alex also spearheaded commonsense initiatives that saved millions of dollars for taxpayers by cutting red tape, introducing performance metrics to hold government accountable for waste and abuse and creating the right fiscal environment for businesses to create jobs. When it came to getting Florida’s financial house in order, Alex never let politics stand in the way of solutions -- and it’s exactly this same problem-solving, results-oriented approach that she’ll use to rein in Washington’s out-of-control of spending.

In her most recent endeavor, Alex is sharing her business acumen with Florida’s young people through her Florida Next Foundation – a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works to empower young people, entrepreneurs and small businesses so they innovate, create jobs and build thriving communities. Alex has been involved in numerous civic and community causes, including the United Way Worldwide Advisory Board, Florida Tax Watch, Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay, Healthy Kids, Take Stock in Children and the Florida Wildlife Federation.

A resident of Feather Sound, Alex has a long record of service to Pinellas families. From serving customers in Pinellas County as a banker, to keeping and growing a call center in Largo as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, to helping residents and businesses in the Pinellas community who were hurt by the devastating BP oil spill, Alex has a record of delivering results for Pinellas residents. Through Alex’s public service, community service, and her work in the private sector she has always demonstrated a proven commitment to the values that make Pinellas great.

Alex earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, magna cum laude, from Wake Forest University. She and her husband, Bill McBride (now deceased), have two children – Bert and Lexi.

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